The Artisán Knitworks Fiber Story

When we first opened, almost all of our yarns were created by artisans. These included some of the smallest and highest-quality producers in the United States and Canada.

Artisanal yarns are handspun or hand-dyed. Or both. They are natural  fibers with the occasional addition of a bit of decoration or an occasional dash of glitter. They are spun in wool, alpaca, llama, silk, mohair, cotton, and sometimes more exotic fibers. Weights range from super-bulky to gossamer lace. These are monochromatic, heathered and variegated yarns that will dazzle your eyes and invigorate your imagination.

We remain the only retail source for many of the artisanal yarns we carry. Over the years we have scoured fiber festivals and working farms across the country. The result, if we may be immodest for a moment, is one of the finest collections of what we consider truly special yarn.

We quickly became well known among self-professed "yarn gourmets" -- term they consider a complement and not the least bit disparaging. We soon discovered a whole world of knitters, crocheters, and weavers who appreciate quality yarns, but feel their skills aren't ready for artisanal yarns or simply think they might be too expensive.

Quality Isn’t Limited

To Hand-Crafted Yarns . . .

Consequently, we have expanded the scope of our collection to include a broad range of mill-spun and dyed yarns. Like our artisanal fibers, these are quality yarns ... that are truly affordable.

Quality doesn’t mean expensive. We stock yarns that will enhance the beauty of your work regardless of cost.

Stop by and experience our collection of artisanal and mill spun yarns. We love the stuff and think you will too.

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