Here are the new season’s class offerings! Share with your friends. Simply call the shop or stop by to register in advance. We offer refunds (in the form of store credit) up to a week before the class.

For most classes, we hope you’ll use our beautiful yarns! For stash-buster classes, you surely may use your own yarns mixed with ours – see classes with * below!

We also encourage open, spontaneous knit or crochet. Or spinning. Whatever. Come at any time if you’re alone or in a very small group. Work on whatever is on your needles and hooks. We hope that you will consider our beautiful materials before you leave! But it’s okay if you don’t.

Artisan Knitworks will open up our big table for your group upon request! Simply tell us when you’d like to come, and if the table is free, it’s yours. Maximum: 8 people. If the sofa area is free, you can expand your group into that area as well – maximum 5 people. No charge. While you are there, you have a 10% discount on all full-price yarn (though not on tools) in the shop. We reserve Sundays for classes.

Thursday night open knitting, 5:00-7:00. Space is limited – call ahead.

Tutorials (1 to 3 people): Sandra can teach you to knit or crochet by appointment – 20 bucks for as many lessons as might be required to teach you to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. Linda can help you to become a crocheter on Tuesdays by appointment for the same fee. Further instruction in stitch patterns, shaping, etc. requires another twenty bucks……but that’s still a bargain!

All classes include detailed handouts or (as relevant) printed patterns. Some include access to our extensive supply of leftovers (for free-form work, e.g.).

COVID: We assume that all of our students are vaccinated against Covid 19 and its variants. We reserve the right to check vaccination cards – to keep everyone safe. Masks are optional.

For all classes, bring standard knitting tools – tape measure, tapestry needle, scissors, notebook/pencil.

Download this list as a PDF.

Skill Level Code: B = Beginner, AB= Advanced beginner, I+ = Intermediate and above; * = Stash-buster

Nov 13, 12:30-4:30 – Finishing Bootcamp for Knitters: Spit ‘n Polish (A-I+) $55

This action-packed workshop conveys hands-on experience with blocking (steam), picking up stitches, pockets, buttonholes, neck and front bands, seaming, edge stitches, back-neck shaping, and other skills. If you want to transform your work from homemade to handmade, this is the class for you.

Materials and Homework: With worsted weight or DK wool or wool blend yarn, make 4 swatches (4 X 4) as follows: 1 stockinette, stitches on holder, yarn attached. 3 stockinette, bound off loosely, yarn cut. 1 garter, bound off loosely. Bring contrasting yarn, same weight.

Dec 4, 3:00-5:00 – *Never Buy Another Scarf Pattern Again! – Knit And Crochet (B – AB) $35

Sandra has created a handout with instructions for making almost any yarn into a beautiful scarf. We’ll talk about widths, borders, stitch patterns, yarns and tools, for both men and women. You can make scarves for everyone for the rest of your life, without expensive patterns.

Materials and homework: Skein of DK, worsted, or bulky weight yarn, preferably animal fiber or animal-fiber blend, with appropriate needles or hooks. No homework.

Dec. 11, 3:00-5:00 *Never Buy Knitted Hat Patterns Again! (B – AB) $35

In this fun class, Sandra will show you how to transform stray balls of yarn into beautiful hats – single strand, multiple strand, or whatever comes to hand. Her pattern (The Mad Hatter) provides part of the answer to greater confidence in hat-making. But she’ll talk as well about how to choose effective stitch patterns, edgings, stitch tensions, decorations, and toppers – how to be sure the hat will fit (for kids as well as adults) and how to know which yarns and colors can be mixed successfully.

Materials and Homework: Bring a pile of yarn leftovers, preferably in animal fiber or animal-fiber blend (unless you have allergies). We will mix them with our leftovers to create unique fabrics. Any weight. Any texture. The more the merrier. Bring a range of needles from, say, 6 through 13. If you have 16-inch circular needles, bring them.

Dec 18, 1:00-6:00 – Holiday Boot Camp: Complete and Polish Your Gifts (B – I+) $35

Feeling some panic about unfinished gifts? We can help you finish quickly, block finished knitted or crocheted objects, and assemble pieces. And we’ll have snacks! Materials and homework: Bring whatever you think you need to finish your project.

Jan 8, 3:00-5:00 – All About Fibers and Yarns – A Cram Course for Beginners (B – AB) $35

The trouble with being a beginner is that you don’t know what you don’t know. So here we offer a long cram session (think final exams!) in which we’ll talk about yarn weights, spins, fibers, and how they behave. No point in waiting years to pick up all of this information!

Materials and homework: No homework. No tools.

Jan 15 & 29, 1:00-4:00 – Magic Loop Socks: Two at a Time, Parts I & 2 (AB – I+) $75.00

The wonderful Lynne Wardrop, one of the early champions of the two-at-a-time, toe-up sock movement using the Magic Loop technique, will show you how to make a worsted-weight pair of socks in two hands-on sessions. You will emerge with a beautiful pair of boot socks! Thereafter, you can use the same techniques to make socks in any weight. Includes detailed handouts.

Materials and homework: Size 4 circular needle, 40 inch; one skein worsted weight wool (an additional skein for contrasting heels and toes is optional – if you buy two, you’ll get two pair).

Jan 22, 1:00-4:00 – Beginning Tunisian Crochet: Make a Hat or Scarf (AB – I+) $55

Taught by the gifted Cheryl Spitale Jones – our web designer and fellow fiber enthusiast — this versatile craft (once called “afghan stitch,” but no longer!) combines elements of knit and crochet. We’ll talk about tools and appropriate yarns; we’ll also work our way through the most basic of all Tunisian stitches – the simple stitch, as it’s called, and pseudo-stockinette. If Cheryl has more time, she’ll move on to additional variations (including some talk about in-the-round Tunisian). We will provide a useful handout, and you probably can advance quite a bit on a simple-stitch accessory by end of class.

Materials and Homework:  Large crochet hook – 15.75mm / Q straight crochet hook and super bulky yarn. No homework.

Feb 12, 12:30 – 5:00 – De-Mystifying Knitted Sweaters: Draft Your Own, Make It Fit! (B – I+) $65

In this long class, which features a break in the middle, we’ll eliminate the mystery and anxiety about how to make sweaters fit and how to confidently alter commercial sweater patterns, beginning with the basic drop-sleeve (or modified drop sleeve) sweater. The class is designed mainly for advanced beginners who have not completed a sweater before. But advanced students are welcome. We will talk mostly about seamed sweaters because they have more structure (and last longer) than seamless sweaters. Once we have developed a complete draft of a basic sweater in a classic shape (you will be following along with your own yarn at your own gauge and dimensions), we’ll talk about altering necklines, sleeve caps and lengths and styles, stitch patterns, hems, body length/style, and even how to make cardigans out of pullovers. You will leave with a complete, drafted sweater pattern, ready to knit – and with control over sweater patterns, or ideas for sweaters, that you may encounter in the future. AK will work with you for as long as it takes to complete your sweater. Thereafter, you’ll also be able to detect faulty patterns in advance of knitting. For this class, we’ll make a classic sweater (with pattern stitches, neckline, etc., of your choice); in the future, you’ll be able to create or alter complicated designs. For now, the basics!

Materials and Homework: Buy sweater yarn in advance. Using an appropriate needle for sweater body (we will help), make 4X4 swatch in stockinette stitch until you like the texture (you can play with needle size). We will determine your gauge in class.

Feb 26 1:00-4:00 – *Free-Form Crochet: Scarves, Hats, Ruanas – You Name It (AB – I+) $ 55

If you know the basics of crochet – chaining, single, half doubles, and doubles – you can cut loose and create truly magical expanses of gorgeous fabric for shawls, hats, ruanas, wall hangings, you name it and it can be yours. This is a great confidence-building course for crocheters who don’t trust themselves without written patterns. If you think you can’t do it, you’re probably wrong! And it’s lots of fun.

Materials and Homework: Bring at least 100 grams of beautiful variegated animal-fiber yarn (or pure cotton yarn) for a solid piece — or multiple yarns (including yarns of different textures) in roughly the same weight for patchwork. Hooks appropriate to the yarn.

Mar 12, 1:00-4:00 – *Modular Triangles: Big and Little Vests and Sweaters! (AB – I+) $ 55

Modular triangles (especially right-angle triangles) can be massaged into wonderful garments and accessories for children and adults. In this class, we’ll make either the Baby Orkney sweater or the Adult Orkney vest (patterns provided). But you will also be equipped to make all kinds of beautiful objects out of a wide variety of yarns in the future – mostly without patterns of any kind. As a going-away gift, Sandra will provide an extra pattern for a modular hat!

Materials and Homework: For adult garments, variegated wool in either bulky or worsted weight (consult us for quantity); for baby/tot garment, Baby Orkney kit or other choices (consult in advance).

Mar 19 3:00-5:00 (or so) *Modular Squares: The Diamond Lil Ruana (AB – I+) $35

This ruana, made originally in Noro Silk Garden, is a shop favorite. You’ll get a pattern, of course, but you’ll also get hands-on experience with making the seamless, center-decreased squares from which the ruana is made. You’ll learn how to size your ruana, make edge stitches, create a centered double-decrease, pick up stitches cleanly and squarely, change yarns without gaps or lumps, and knit variations (often whimsical!) in other yarns. The same pattern can be used to make a poncho.

Materials and homework: Two colorways, variegated or solid worsted- or Aran-weight wool or wool blend yarn, about sixteen 50-gram balls (5 color A, 11 color B). Make 4 X 4 swatch in advance of class with needles that will yield 4.5 sts/inch.

Apr 3, 1:00-4:00 – *Free-Form Knitted Squares: One-of-a-Kind Everything! (AB – I+) $55

This class is an homage to Valentine Devine (New Mexico). We will have a wonderful time creating garter stitch, eccentric log-cabin squares that can be organized into a wide array of garments, accessories, and home goods. Models will be available in the shop. The squares also can be used as canvases for surface design (as with crocheted embellishments or embroidery or beads). These squares are the ultimate stashbusters. We’ll spend quite a lot of time talking about how to select colors, how to think about yarns of varying weights, and how to keep things square while using multiple yarns. Sandra will bring her big pile of scraps to augment your piles.

Materials and homework: No homework. Bring a bag of interesting animal or animal-blend leftovers, any weight except super-bulky; pile can include synthetic novelty yarns. One wool yarn in a color and weight that will bring harmony to the pile (can choose on the day of class). We will be combining yarns if needed to achieve the desired effect. We will contribute some of our leftovers! Needles appropriate to the main yarn.

Apr 17, 3:00-5:00 – *Spring Means Flowers, Knit and Crochet (B – I+) $35

In this workshop, we’ll create an array of knitted and crocheted flowers. You’ll have at least one completed bloom and a pin back by class end. Most of the flowers are crocheted, but you can make them with basic crochet skills (chain, single, double). We can bring you up to speed in basic crochet in a couple of hours in advance of class (1 session, 10 bucks). Sandra will have samples or pictures of many different blooms. You can use your scraps and ours! And you’ll have some beautiful floral decorations for accessories, brooches, or gift wrapping. Plus, we’ll welcome spring.

Materials and Homework: No homework. Bring a bag of leftovers in any weight except super-bulky, any texture. Natural fibers are best, but novelty yarns work as components. We’ll also let you play with our own supply of leftovers. Bring a range of hooks or needles (e.g., G -H hooks, or needles appropriate to your yarns).

Apr 22-23, Time TBD – Dyeing Workshop with Ellen Minard (B – I+) Cost TBD

Learn the art of fiber dyeing with a nationally known professional – Ellen Mindard of Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm in Vermont.

Materials and Homework: TBD


Coming in July – Workshops with Lily Chin!