Elegant to Funky,

Describes Our Jewelry


We discovered the world of vintage jewelry while going through a North Carolina antique store’s stash of vintage buttons. A couple of wonderful pieces caught our eyes.  We decided to buy them just to see what would happen back at the store when we placed next to the contemporary brooches, pendants, and necklaces.

What happened? The pieces sold and enhanced our artisanal offerings. We were surprised by how quickly we became hooked on vintage brooches, pins, brooches, necklaces, and more.

It is difficult to describe the criteria that we use to select jewelry for the shop. Perhaps the best description is “not quite ordinary.”

We are just as likely to select a piece with understated elegance or a totally over the top 1930s Bakelite pin that will grab everyone’s attention. What can't be denied is the fun we have rummaging through small town antique/used stuff stores, fancy downtown antique shoppes, estate sales, church sales, and fruitcake tins filled with buttons and occasional finds like the opal and gold crescent pictured here.

One thing you can say about our collection is that it is anything but boring. The pieces can be outlandish fun or tastefully sophisticated.

(By the way, it's quite possible that we haven't had time to update the photographs on this page and some of the pieces may already be sold.)

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