Artisan Pixworks

Check out the space in the “garden level” of Artisan Knitworks!

Artist Larry Hart, co-principal of Artisan Knitworks, operates Artisan Pixworks, a gallery and studio rooted in the idea that photography is an art and that creativity and technique are pathways to communication … not the end. Hart is a photographer (and writer). In both of these media, his style is uncluttered, finding what is special in the ordinary. Even in his Argus C3 days, these have been his goals. And, perhaps, he’s become even better over time.

Life before yarn… a passion reborn.

This might be hard to believe, but Larry had a life before Artisán Knitworks and Pixworks. He spent several decades as a writer and photographer. The day-to-day business of Artisán Knitworks forced photography to the back burner. That has changed. Increasingly the camera is in his hands, at his eye, and truly part of his life again.

argus_c2-early-10_speed-cclicenseHis passion for photography began in grade school with a Kodak Brownie. In high school, he moved up to an Argus C3 – a camera affectionately known by all of its users as “The Brick.”

During college he worked as a reporter and photographer, realizing that he had the skills and passions to be a professional communicator. For quite a few years, writing mostly paid the bills, but photography never went away.

Writing at art studios changed everything…

As a writer at a series of art studios, Larry discovered that he could expand his photography from simple reportage to genuine creative expression … photography that said something as well as showed something.

That insight continues to shape his work. He became one of those rare, serious photographers who aren’t equipment junkies. While he has worked with almost every format, from the spy-sized Minox to a massive 11” x 14” view camera, Larry never forgot that what takes the picture doesn’t matter nearly as much as what the picture says … how it touches the viewer.

Some samples of his work are displayed here [in progress]. Stop by the shop if you would like to talk pictures or get a copy of his work to hang on your wall. And, most of all, stay tuned to see how things develop!

Larry Hart photograph