Wearables & Gifts

Looking for a gift? Artisan Knitworks offers a wide, constantly changing array of mostly hand-crafted gifts. We specialize in hats, all made by Sandra. But we also carry shawls, scarves, sweaters, yarn baskets, and other read-to-go hand-crafted goods.

In addition, we have a modest but interesting collection of new shawl pins and other jewelry pieces by makers near and far – a metal worker in Brooklyn, NY; Rebel Nell jewelry from downtown Detroit; magnetic shawl pins from Virginia and eastern Ohio; ceramic and metal pins from California. Our big glass cases boast dozens of vintage brooches, necklaces, and other pieces – some bought originally in Europe.

Or you can give a gift certificate. It’s never the wrong size!


Handmade • Vintage • One-of-a-Kind

Unique gift ideas

Shawl in original design by the owner. Pattern and garment available.
A knitted hat with a knitted wall hanging in the background.
Hats of many shapes and sizes available for purchase 9-22
Bags available for purchase at Artisan Knitworks

Above is an example of what things we offer at Artisan Knitworks.  Products change almost weekly, so come on in to see what’s new!