Every Thursday is Slow-Down Thursday They run from 5:30 or so until we decide to leave. Come when you can. Snacks and some wine on site. Bring take-out supper if you'd like (Zou Zou's has good food). The idea is to step out of our lives and focus on our hands and not on computer screens, to inhabit the moment. Maybe you can finish a gift. Or maybe you can just sit there!

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We Want To Be

Your Local Yarn Shop

At Artisán Knitworks we all share the same goal: to make our place the friendliest, most welcoming yarn shop around.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or have been at it for decades, our sofa is your sofa -- our coffee is your coffee. If we're open, you're welcome to come in and knit, crochet, spin or just hide from the world for a bit.

It's that simple.

We're much more than a yarn store. We strive to be a place that celebrates the world of fiber arts. It is a place where knitters, crocheters and spinners can find refuge and inspiration.

The Yarns We Carry …

We won't carry just anything. But, we can't carry everything. So, we carefully select the yarns we offer. Whether hand-crafted or mill-made, luxurious or value-priced, one word describes every yarn we carry: quality.

Life Is Too Short...

for lackluster yarn. Or, for that matter, yarns  made by companies that exploit the folks who work for them or damage the environment. The same goes for things like needles, sundries (a wonderful word), knitting bags, and wearables.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday ...

                                11:30 to 6:30

Thursday ... 11:30 to 8:30 (or so)

Saturday ... 10:30 to 5:30

Sunday ... Noon to 5:00

Monday ... Closed



artisán knitworks 105 North Main Street  Chelsea, MI 48118  734-562-2682