October 6-8, 2023

“Celebrating Knitted Textures” with Barry Klein, Owner and Designer of The Trendsetter Yarn Group

Join us at Artisan Knitworks for three days of learning and fun! Barry Klein and Heidi Berger return to Chelsea for skill-building workshops at Artisan Knitworks. Workshops are designed to be accessible to everyone.  All workshops feature an amazing selection of yarns as well as project choices (e.g., shawl, scarf, cowl). We offer a sliding scale of workshop fees, so feel free to register for more than one. A special Sunday session will be held at Artisan Knitworks (105 North Main Street) at 9:30 AM, accompanied by a light brunch.  Registration for Sunday’s workshop is limited to about 12 people so be sure to register early.  Come see all the new yarns and samples they will be bringing with them. 

Fri Oct 6, 9:30 am – Quilted Cables
Fri Oct 6, 2:00 pm – Wandering Slipped Stairs
Sat Oct 7, 9:30 am – Short-Row Bell Waves
Sat Oct 7, 2:00 pm – Chevron with Eyelets
Sun Oct 8, 9:30 am – Lecture and Discussion on Modern Yarn Milling

Throughout the event, Artisan Knitworks is offering registrants a 15% discount on all full-priced merchandise in the shop, including workshop materials. 

Barry Klein, 2023, Trendsetter Yarn GroupAbout Barry Klein

Barry Klein is the owner and designer of yarns and patterns for The Trendsetter Yarn Group in Van Nuys, California. Barry grew up in the knitting industry, initially by working in his mother’s knitting store. With college and other specialized training, coupled with the love of creating things by hand he learned to custom design patterns and create knitwear for customers as well as for the movie industry. One of his specialties is knit to fit. Thirty-four years ago Barry and his mom started Trendsetter Yarns with the idea of bringing the most exciting textured, fashion and luxury yarns to the fiber-arts customer. Over the past few years Cardiff Cashmere (luxury Cashmere yarns from Italy) and Lana Grossa (the largest and most successful yarn company in Europe) have been added to create The Trendsetter Yarn Group.

As Trendsetter Yarns enters its 35th year, Barry continues to guide the company and create yarns that truly establish as well as build on fashion trends. He creates two new knitting collections each year; he also is the author of 5 knitting books, a T.V. and social-media personality, and a knitting spokesperson/ teacher at international knitting events, cruises, and trunk shows. He has been voted one of the “Top 10 Men Who Knit Throughout History” and most recently was recognized by Interweave Magazine as the head of one of the most important family-owned fiber arts businesses in the world.  He widely shares this motto “Have fun, enjoy creating, personalize it, and when possible, let the yarn do the work for you.”

This year in Chelsea, Barry will explore the many ways in which interesting surface textures, sometimes using multiple yarns, can be used to enrich a wide array of projects. Why stick to stockinette, garter, ribs, and seed stich when using simple, easy shapes can create something uniquely beautiful?  You’ll emerge, not only with a project in progress, but also with a treasure trove of ideas for future projects using or building on the surface texture at hand.  

You will love the wide assortment of yarns from The Trendsetter Yarn Group. Each workshop features a choice of yarns, a range of prices, and a number of possible projects (e.g., shawl, scarf, cowl) within each workshop.  In one class, projects range from scarf to coat!  Materials will be available beginning September 28 – alongside a wonderful Trendsetter trunk show. Expect to be wowed!

Nearby espresso shops and restaurants offer a delightful array of lunch, snacking, and dinner options.  We especially recommend Agricole (close at hand, good food and wonderful beverages), Zou Zou’s (also close, good food and beverages), and the Chelsea Bakery (the world’s best donuts).  Within two blocks, you’ll find Mike’s Deli, the Alehouse, and the Grateful Crow.  We’ll also drive you to your choice of restaurant with a few minutes’ warning.  For a lift to or from the Depot, call the shop at (734)562-2682 or Sandra at (313)598-6305.

Workshop Fees – including all-day snacks, handouts, and bottled water:

  • 1 workshop – 50.00
  • 2 workshops – 90.00
  • 3 workshops – 120.00
  • 4 workshops – 140.00
  • Sunday (not discounted) 50.00 (includes brunch and a yarn packet)

Register below FOR SINGLE CLASSES for multiple classes call 734-562-2682 or come into the shop. (The discount is not currently working online).

We hope you’ll find a workshop or two (or three!) that will broaden horizons and bring joy! All are advanced beginner to intermediate and beyond.